Another Ford Street Geyser Within 9 Weeks

February 16, 2011 § 2 Comments


My  neighbors and I haven’t had running water for over 35 hours. This evening, Austin Water Utility decided to replace a 200 foot section of street pipe. We were given 4 gallons of bottled water. Perhaps we’ll have a fix by 8am. Then…the City moves into phase 2, replace the whole water main on Ford. Best case scenario, 4-5 days of work; worst case, a few weeks

Austin Water Utility Media Spokesperson

Crew excavates street pipe

Water Bottles for Residents

Here is some footage from the Ford Street Geyser that occurred this afternoon. This water main rupture happened at the same location as the previous incident which took place 9 weeks ago. Unfortunately, the rupture turned into a geyser and sprayed the same house as on December 2010. The geyser continued for at least 20minutes. Neighbors tried to protect the home from rocks/gravel flying against  it. The resident reported broken glass windows and water damage. I suspect that the City of Austin will not pay for any damages to the property.

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Pipe repair for rupture #3 which happened 02/16/11 10:30pm

Rotten pipe from pipe rupture #3

Dec 2010 Ford St. Geyser


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