Community Project — Orquesta Ritmo Salsa Night performance – live at Triple Crown, San Marcos TX

Orquesta Ritmo is a thirteen piece Latin orchestra from San Marcos Texas. The sound of the group is not limited to but primarily based on Salsa sounds of the 70’s and 80’s while tastefully blending in motown style funk. Orquesta Ritmo’s three very talented singers, grooving percussionists, swinging rhythm section and ‘in sync’ brass quartet keeps the dance by mixing Latin American styles such as Mambo, Son, Guaguanco, Merengue, Cumbia, Mozambique, Bomba, Plena, and Timba.

The video slideshow by Rene Renteria Photography features a monthly Salsa Night performance in San Marcos, TX.  Documentary stills and video editing by Rene Renteria.

Members:    Vocals: Roberto Moreno, Celeste Rios, Julian Veracruz        Trumpet: Kristie Davis, Eric Peña     Trombone: Eugene Grey, Victor Orduña Jr., Nathan Rolfe      Saxophone: James Duty, Jeremy Rodriguez    Piano:  Daniel Wyman     Guitar:  Juan Cavazos,  Nick Garcia     Bass:  Wes Istre    Percussion:  Marshall Johnson, Ernest Luna, Kevin Reading, Nick Tozzo

General Manager:  Wes Istre      Booking Agent:  Daniel Wyman     Press Contact:   Kevin Reading

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